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Ok lemme address this Seahorses thingy

There’s this thing called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries which is a webseries that has really taken off and some of my friends are like super obsessed with it, even to somehow unhealthy levels. There’s a Google Hangout group that has formed made up of those unhealthy people and through a random happenstance they’ve called themselves the Seahorses, which has reached the ears of the creators and those creators like to make Seahorses references in the LBD to make them panic to even more unhealthy levels. 

Then there are people who also love LBD who think the Seahorses are an exclusive club that the creators are playing favorites with and they’re really annoyed and see the Seahorses as this super group that they can never be a part of. There’s a Seahorses table in the cafeteria and every single popular kid in the school district sits there and it’s NOT FAIR. 

Those are the two sides.

As someone who pops into the Seahorses Hangouts occasionally, I am greeted with familiarity. However, I do not consider myself a Seahorse at all. 

HOW CAN THIS BE??? How does the girl from the art club that only draws anime girls get to sit with the POPULAR KIDS??

This is because the Seahorses are NOT the popular table. The Seahorses are NOT the cool part of the fandom. Here are some other things the Seahorses are absolutely NOT

-a way to get a shoutout during the show

-an exclusive club

-a group that only has X amount of members

-a Hangout that you will never ever be allowed to join

- a mafia

-a part of the fandom that finds itself superior

-a place to make inside jokes that only they will understand, like Seahorses and mermaids

-a Ke$ha dance party

-a Satanic cult

I DO NOT understand how people can feel excluded from the Seahorses. It’s a FANDOM guys. It’s like that moment at your first convention when you feel all alone and surrounded by people that will never understand you, until you realize that everyone is exactly like you, and by the last day you are at the dance party surrounded by all your new friends. That’s what this is. It’s a fandom driven community that isn’t set out to shun people. It’s absolutely about welcoming in new people and getting to know them. There is nothing exclusive about it.

And the fact that they get the creators in the hangouts and get to host special interviews with the cast? THAT IS NOT JUST FOR THEM. IT’S SOMETHING FOR THE WHOLE FANDOM TO ENJOY. Everyone who loves LBD is invited to them. And the fact that the creators make Seahorses jokes during the show. Guys, trust me, if you made something that people embraced to unhealthy levels, it’s fun to acknowledge them and watch them panic. I do it when I write my novels, and it’s quite fun. Think of it as JKR realizing that her Harry Potter fandom were having debates over which gender Blaise Zabini was, so she purposefully included him in Half-Blood Prince. Or when she found out that Harry Potter fans affectionately referred to Voldemort as “Voldy”, she let Peeves call him that in the last book.

If you’re feeling left out or feel exclusion from the Seahorses, JOIN A HANGOUT. It’s really fun and it’s nothing but giggles and plotting about what will happen in LBD and beyond. It’s a place where the nerdiest theory or ship will be taken seriously. Yes, people there already know each other, only because this has been going on for months. I guarantee you they will welcome you, remember your name, and be excited to see you every time you come back. 

Feel free to reply to this or message me if you disagree.

If you’re a hater and cannot grasp this concept of inclusion, I cannot help you.

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